Project Update

Because of the recent controversy, I have decided to make qASIC avaliable for any engine. This means that legacy qASIC for unity will be abandoned and replaced by a newer version.

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qASIC is a collection of simple well integrated tools that allow you to make and debug games quicker.

Feature overview
Pillar in forest

Save time

qASIC takes care of the basics so that you can begin work faster. During development it can help you debug and fix problems on the spot.

qASIC Game Console

Debug faster

Using the debug tools you can display information on screen, view logs or run commands at runtime without having to make temporary buttons or keyboard shortcuts.

Settings menu


These days settings and button remapping are essential for players with different systems. With qASIC you add them to your games with a couple of clicks.


Check out the public roadmap and learn about upcoming features.



You can use qASIC in your own projects right now for free from the Unity Asset Store.

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