Feature overview

qASIC contains a lot of features that can help you make more accessible games faster.

Game Console logo

Game Console

The Game Console is an in game cheat console that can print logs and run commands.

  • Full fledged in game cheat console
  • Custom command support
  • Printing Unity Logs
  • Customizable log colors
  • Built in commands
Info Displayer logo

Info Displayer

Info Displayer allows you to display information on screen. It can also be used for displaying debug values without any setup.

  • Displaying values at runtime
  • Easy debug usage
  • Built in scripts for displaying hardware and software information
Options System logo

Options System

The Options System simplifies setting menus by separating settings from the UI. Changing preferences can be achieved simply by specifying the target on an interactable.

  • Tag based settings system
  • Built in settings
  • Built in scripts for adding setting support to UI buttons
  • Quick setup
Input System logo

Cablebox Input System

Cablebox is a simple, easy to use solution for getting user input. It falls in between the legacy Input Manager and the new Input System. It’s main focus is to be quick and easy to use.

  • Quick setup
  • Easy to understand UI
  • Full fledged Input Editor
  • Easy to add key remapping
  • Gamepad support (coming soon)
Audio Management logo

Audio Management

qASIC comes with simple audio management tools that allow you to manage your sounds more efficiently.

  • Playing static audio (moves between scenes)
  • Pausing audio globally
  • Controlling audio from any script
File Management logo

File Management

The File Manager simplifies saving and loading files.

  • Easy saving using Binary, JSON and StreamWriter
  • Custom config serialization
  • Path modification tools


You can use qASIC in your own projects right now for free from the Unity Asset Store.

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